IMPORTANT NOTICE – Life at Keystone Church over the next 4 weeks

Dear Friends, we hope that you and your families are all well. Our world has been thrown into chaos over the last few days by the Coronavirus and it is in times like this we need to ensure we keep level heads, be responsible but also to maintain an attitude of faith in the midst of it all.  We are to maintain a devoted prayer life for those who are suffering physically and for those who are feeling the devastating effects, economically. This is a season we need to be on our knees praying for our leaders and task teams, for divine wisdom to make right decisions. It is also a time to pray for the supernatural intervention of God, for He is above all powers that come to rob, kill, steal and destroy. Do not allow room for doubt and fear to take root in our hearts.

How will we as a church navigate this next season?

1) No Sunday Services or Lifegroup meetings!

We as elders & leaders at Keystone have made some significant changes in how we are going to move forward over the coming weeks. We believe there is a responsibility to play our part in working together to curb the spread of the virus. After seeking much wise counsel, we believe it is best to not have Sunday Services or Life Groups in the coming weeks.

That being said we fully believe that this will be a time of incredible unity, and of astonishing church growth. Even though we may not be together physically, it is the Spirit of God binds our hearts together.

The alternative:

2) Video Streaming of message will be available on the

Keystone website and Facebook

Video Message on Website & Facebook for Sundays: From this weekend we will be creating a video of the message which will be approx. 15mins. It will be uploaded to the Keystone website ( ) and to the Keystone Facebook page. If you are not a friend of Keystone on Facebook, please search for Keystone Church and send a friend request to us.  The message will be uploaded on a Saturday evening and be ready for viewing Sunday morning. A broadcast message will go to the church via Whatsapp with the link for the message.

Sunday Morning Family / House Church!!: 
We would like to keep a sense of unity and strongly encourage families to set aside an hour on Sunday mornings for ‘church’ in your home. It is important we prioritise this and lead this in our homes.

Family Devotionals: possibility and still to be confirmed. 
We are exploring options of ‘Family Devotionals’ which we want to send out to the Keystone Community. This we feel will be helpful in continuing to share the Good News with our children over this time.

Easter Series:
We will be starting a Keystone Easter series from March the 29th running through to Easter Sunday. All these videos will be available via the website and Facebook.

3) Shepherd Groups chats via Whatsapp

Although the Shepherd Groups will not be meeting together physically, the leaders of each of those groups will be encouraging comms during the course of the week.

It is vital we all stay connected and assist the group leaders with this. Your contribution to the chats is vital; it keeps the sense of community and is powerful for others to get a sense of belonging.

Our warning is that in times like these one can easily lose touch with each other. Let us all be deliberate in maintaining our unity by being engaged with our groups via the Whatsapp groups.

Importantly – look after each other and ensure you are praying for each other.

4) Bi-Weekly updates from Keystone

Keystone will be sending out updates on average twice a week, to keep people informed, faithful but not living in denial.

5) Counselling

If anyone is in need of counselling or urgent care, please do not hesitate to be in touch. We have ways and means in order to continue to attend to urgent needs of people if there is a crisis. We as a church want to continue to offer support on this front, so please do not hesitate to contact us if there is an urgent need.

6) How long will we operate in this manner?

We will be operating like this until Easter, Sunday 12th April, however as we receive further information during the course of this season, we will continue to re-assess and update you as we go.

7) The positive side – Fresh way of church and growth!!

This is a wonderful and exciting way of doing church, it is something fresh and new for us. It is also a wonderful opportunity for us to share with others the message by forwarding the link to the messages we share.  There are many who are asking questions and faith has been awakened in their hearts, so share the messages with friends and family. There will come a day in the near future, we will gather together again, and it is going to be an incredible day for us all. We long for that day! We love you all and are praying for the protection and favour of God over our community and nation.

Love Ror & Lee