The future… our Children

Jesus said “let the children come to me”.

Dear Parents, we are living in a different and an every changing time.  We would like to adjust with the times and be as flexible with regards to how we go forward in teaching our kids.  Please don’t allow your children to be left behind during this season.  We as parents need to diligently and faithfully and as best as we can train our children in the things of God during this  season.  Let’s take them on a journey to know and hear more from God.

Our NEW approach to kids church for this season.  

  • Will be primarily activity focussed.
  • Helping you to engage your children any day and at any time, not just Sunday mornings.


The lessons are not aimed at a traditional Sunday morning church time although one can use it on a Sunday if you wish.
These lessons are aimed at helping parents interact with their children and to begin family conversations in discovering God together.


Our conviction is that it is small minded and selfish to build for this generation alone. There is a necessity for us to sew into our children, make time and space for them to grow, so that they may bear a fruit in years to come. Too many people are starting their walk with Jesus when they are married and having children. The challenge is to build with our children and encourage them to be strong and courageous in their walk with Christ throughout their life. Is it not better for the next generation to be handed a baton that has momentum and impetus with it, rather than having to go back to the start? How much quicker will the kingdom advance, if by the time they are handed the baton, they are fully trained athletes who can take it that much further?


We look to involve our children so that:

They too may experience the presence of and worship Jesus.
They too can grow and mature in their faith and this reality of a relationship with Jesus.
They too can learn to pray.
They too can learn scripture.
They can see us living a life of worship, not just telling them about it.

Bedrock Kids

We have been blessed with a fantastic children’s venue for our kids. We look to grow a dynamic children’s church, whereby kids can learn about how real Jesus really is, learn to be secure in themselves and who God made them to be, and have loads of fun doing it. It is first prize for a child to get their knowledge and grounding of Jesus at a young age, as it enables them to face the challenges that come later in life. We have a heart to build those foundations, THE BEDROCK, into their lives now.

Currently we have 4 groups for our kids:

The Pebbles (0-3 yrs)
The Flintstones (3-5)
The Livingstones (5-9)
The Rolling Stones (9 -12)

We would love to embrace and have the privilege of sharing with your kids.

For inquires, please contact Leanne at