Beautiful Girls

"You are God's masterpiece."

Ephesians 2:10

Beautiful Girls Cluster Group

On a daily basis teenage girls are receiving messages through social media, friends, schools, Tv, music, etc… these messages confuse our kids with what the actual truth is. They are bombarded with messages that make them feel confused  about their themselves, their identity and what they believe to be true.  This confusion opens a door for the enemy to sow lies and lead them away from God. 

Beautiful girls, a safe place for girls to open up, be themselves and ask difficult questions without feeling embarrassed or shunned. It is a group where we seek out TRUTH, Gods way, in the difficult spaces they may find themselves.  In this group I trust they will find their worth and how beautiful God has truly made them.

Beautiful Girls is a ministry group for girls from age 14-20years old. We meet online via zoom every Wednesday evening.  We meet at 7pm for 1 hour which makes it easy for girls to commit while juggling many other commitments.

Teenage girls need to learn how to run toward God in their pain and not turn to other things in this world to comfort and build them up.  Christ is their hope, peace and joy.

My heart is to create a safe place for girls to be themselves, to help them find their identity in Christ and how to make wise choices in a broken world.

My belief is that in knowing Gods Word and learning to hear His Voice, then speak it over our lives and those we love, will bring peace and security.

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