Camp Konka


It came as no surprise that the intensity of the heatwave that met our arrival at Camp Konka, matched the intensity of the excitement we as a leadership team have felt towards our weekend away together as a church. Gathering some 80% of our members in the same venue was truly a highlight for us, as we got to experience and taste a fuller expression of the Keystone Church body.

Saturday-5am-morning-giggles met the footsteps of little ones heading out to meet their friends in the neighbouring tents. A delightful tea and coffee station (blessed with Laurens-Award-Winning-Rusks), met the needs of many a sleepy-eyed adult……parent-or-not. It was a taste of heaven, and was so appreciated, especially by those roughing out the real camping experience (wink wink). For the glampers, your aircon was extremely envied, even on a church camp.


The men’s hike and ladies gathering allowed for a great time of reflection in areas that are often overlooked in the day to day. The ladies were reminded to seek their identity in the One who created them, and not get distracted by the louder unhelpful voices that are vying for their attention. The men were challenged with the call of who they choose to have in their camp.

Many a conversation was captivated by our ‘friendly’ neighbours, held in tight security behind 2 heavily armed fences. The Lions grunts and calls in the midnight hours added mixed emotions all around. We were keenly aware of the power of these beasts, and the irony and awe of being encamped amidst the ‘Glory of a King’.

Conversations that were had around a meal between adults who scarcely chat on a Sunday, and the interaction experienced with one another’s children were moments to be remembered, treasured and appreciated. Our Village will be as enjoyable as the time we invest in each other’s family’s and each other. To add to the dynamic of community, a spontaneous soccer game with local folk added a wonderful element to the weekend. It levelled the playing field and opened many an eye to the wonder of embracing that which takes us out of our rhythmical-comfort-zones.

To end off a much-loved weekend away together, Sunday morning afforded us an hour as a church body, where we could express through worship, hearts full of gratitude and love to Our King Jesus, in Unity. In a world saturated with a culture that is unaware of its need of God’s love, we were reminded of Who Keystone is called To Be. Where we have ‘all-head-knowledge’ at our fingertips to get us through life, may we always seek ‘All-Heart-Knowledge’ of our Fathers love for us, and the victory the Cross and His Spirit provides us to share with the world. Truly this is what we need to embrace the wonderful gift called Life. God doesn’t seek the perfection the world requires; He seeks a faith-filled-people with hearts that will love Him first and love others as He has loved us.

We look forward to many more Camp Konka moments together as a church. It was indeed A-Soul-Adventure for many. But may we not only settle for our traditional yearly camp to gather, but rather gather as the saints did some 2000 years ago…. in one another’s houses; breaking bread; breathing love and generosity and being devoted to the teaching and learning and understanding of the word of God.