Are we clinging to our institutions, or moving with the River?

I have been stirred recently by an image I saw a few years back; a photo of a significant Japanese engineered bridge that weathered an immense storm … the storm came through and changed the landscape but the bridge stood.

I do believe there are moments in history where spiritually, God moves the river and changes the landscape. What was good and purposeful once can easily become a mere monument and serve less purpose. God is radically changing the landscape with a storm … and the river has shifted.

The elements of the river remain the same (gospel) but the landscape has changed. We as people have the tendency to love our institutions (bridges) and tend to not move on our own… BUT as He shifts the river and the landscape changes, we need to find fresh faith & courage to move with the river. We are currently enduring birth pains of a new era for the church. In birth, the process is painful but the JOY of the new always far outweighs the pain of the process. We can be expectant, confident and hopeful whilst we endure the temporary pain.