Fatherheart Fund

Adoption is first and foremost, a Gospel issue. The power of salvation is displayed through the process of adoption with you and me being brought into God’s family, receiving all authority, rights and responsibilities as would any other member of a family.

Yet, in spite of Adoption being a Gospel issue, modelled for us and required by us, we find in South Africa alone, between 4 and 5 million orphans. These children live in an uncertain reality with an even more uncertain future.

Of these children, we find that approximately 556 000 of these children are adoptable. Factoring unemployment, the faith demographics of South Africa and looking only at an age group between 24 and 39 years. It would only take 9% of Christians to provide these children with a forever family, and given to them what has been given to us, HOPE and BELONGING! Read more here

As God’s people, we are mandated and empowered to provide hope and direction to the communities in which we live.

KEYSTONE CHURCH has decided to take a stand and do something about this. We are currently supporting the FATHERHEART FUND, a movement aimed at assisting and equipping potential adoptive families with the financial challenges posed by the adoption process and upskilling them with information and direction to start and continue in this process.

Navigate to THE FATHER HEART to read a little more or contact KEYSTONE CHURCH if you’d like to know how you can become part of this movement!